Noemi Santiago 

Educate. Develop. Accelerate

Company dedicated to providing development programs, and consultant services in the area of drug commercialization and optimization of processes. Current clients include work in the areas of commercialization of new malaria drugs, start up of a clinic, partnering with Phoenix Cal for automation solutions for Pharma manual processes and Omics Global Solutions (Biotech).

  • The Science, Research and Technology Trust, Facilitates and increases the ability to continually advance the economy of Puerto Rico and the welfare of its citizens through innovative companies of science and technology, as well as its industrial base.

  • OMICS has its office in Suite 206 of the PR Science and Technology Trust.



Nextgen Proteomics

CDI, the result of intensive efforts and advances developed by the High-Throughput Biology Center at Johns Hopkins University, is a privately owned research and discovery company in the field of proteomics.

The company was created by scientists for scientists, addressing the critical needs required in order to accelerate research, advance discoveries and translate these discoveries into novel products and services that improve human health.



Macrotech is a major health related distributor in the Dominican Republic, with the highest standards of excellence for patients, payers and doctors.

Macrotech became the 1st Omics distributor in Latin-America.

Among the most solid companies dedicated to the health sector in the Dominican Republic, Macrotech becomes the first company to distribute INNOVATIO ND2 in a Latin American country with OMICS. Being strategic partners that share the same vision on the criticality of caring for the kidney health of the diabetic population.


Many years ago, experienced professionals from the Reference Laboratory and Medical Care Services Industry decided to combine their knowledge to offer better services to the Health Industry and the population of Puerto Rico. This industry has been more demanding in the face of new challenging costs and other factors. Immuno Reference Lab is proud to assist its service partners by offering low cost and cutting edge services, including INNOVATIO ND2™


It provides service to more than 463 clinical laboratories, 42 hospitals, 26 diagnostic and treatment centers (CDTs), 330 centers and employer groups and was the first commercial laboratory in Puerto Rico to offer informed test results to our clients through the web. customers.