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Omics Global Solutions (OGS) is born as a company whose objective is to be the platform for development and the launching of products related to OMICS sciences (proteomics, genomics, lipidomics, metabolomics, etc.) associated with innovative projects that have an impact on the lives of patients, their caregivers and medical professionals involved in their treatment.

Located in Puerto Rico (USA), its first milestone is the Development, Manufacturing and commercialization of an ELISA assay based on biomarkers recently discovered, to help in the diagnosis and risk identification of Diabetic Nephropathy 



OGS is a Biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative clinical prognostic products based on novel scientific models, addressing physicians, patients and payers unmet needs through initiatives and nimble actions, remaining committed to high standards of quality, advancing science to benefit the community.



To be a successful company launching innovative products that address complex diagnoses and helping the healthcare professionals to the implementation of early and successful therapies for the patients to get the best results, standing among the fastest growing biotechnology companies by 2025 .


Our Products

It is an honor to Omics announce the availability of our ELISA test INNOVATIO ND2 . The FIRST & ONLY ELISA test in the world for the diagnostic and risk identification of developing Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) in type 2 Diabetes patients.

It represents the first test for this condition, with this dual property of being Diagnostic and Prognostic at the same time.

Type 2 Diabetes is seen as one the main pandemic levels disease of 21st century, and Renal Disease is highly linked to this condition, in fact, Diabetic Nephropathy (ND) could be the most devastating and expensive complication of Type 2 Diabetes based on the need of Dialysis and the costs associated with such treatments. 


INNOVATIO ND2 is the tool that physicians were waiting for to be able of diagnose in a very early stage those patients with DN or even better, identify and manage the risk of  developing to Renal Failure with years in advance before symptoms appear.

At the same time INNOVATIO ND2 is an excellent tool for payers and  policy makers because they can count on a highly precise test to classify Diabetes patients and establish, along with the clinical teams; specific risk management strategies looking for savings on Dialysis expenses.

See and listen what is INNOVATIO ND2 about from our team


The development and discovery of antibodies has raised intense interest in the elucidation of prognostic and predictive markers. A prognostic biomarker provides information about the patient’s overall condition outcome, regardless of therapy, whilst a predictive biomarker gives information about the effect of a therapeutic intervention. A predictive biomarker can be a target for an specific therapy.


Who we are as a team

Luben Ron
Noemi Santiago Ph.D

Technical Director

Horacio Serrano Ph.D

Scientific Director

Damaris Ayala Ph.D

Quality Assurance



Chosen as one of the 14 PyMES INNOVADORAS Grant Program from Puerto Rico Development Company (Government of Puerto Rico) 2018

Chosen as one of the Puerto Rican companies to be participating in 7th Generation of Parallel 18 acceleration program

INNOVATIO ND2 received the ISO certification mandatory to be used in a Diagnostic Laboratory for Clinical Use (2019)

Funded by Puerto Rico Science Trust

OMICS GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is proud to announce that, as @p18startups' Gen.7 alumnus, we are part of the P18Ventures' Business Continuity Fund.


Partnerships and Customers

Macrotech is a major health related distributor in the Dominican Republic, with the highest standards of excellence for patients, payers and doctors.

Macrotech became the 1st Omics' distributor in Latin-America.

Facilitate and build capacity to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-driven enterprises, science and technology and its industrial base.

OMICS has its office in Suite 206 of PR Science and Technology Trust.

The CDI focused in the development of proteomics with proprietary technologies, as their CDI's HuProt™ protein microarrays making possible to perform rapid and efficient analyses of proteins, same technology used to harvest antibodies for INNOVATIO ND2 test from Omics Global Solutions.

Patia (Carlos Slim Foundation), became our first distributor in Mexico where they are using all their commercial capabilities to reach INNOVATIO ND2 potential in this important Latin American country.


Our Address

Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust Suite# 206, Carrera 21, Bo. Monacillos, Rio Piedras Puerto Rico 00927

PO BOX 360722, San Juan, PR, 00936


Tel (1) : 1(787) 523-5857

Tel (2): 1(787) 966-6512

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 17:00PM


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