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About Omics


Omics Global Solutions (OGS) was born as a company whose objective is to be the platform for the development and commercialization of products related to OMICS sciences (proteomics, among others.) Associated with innovative projects that positively impact the lives of patients and medical professionals.


Located in Puerto Rico (USA), its first milestone is the development, manufacture and commercialization of a test based on recently discovered biomarkers, to identify the risk of developing Diabetic Nephropathy. INNOVATIO ND2™



Focused on biotechnology, our mission is to develop and commercialize clinical prognostic products based on novel scientific models, addressing the unmet needs of physicians and patients. Having as main strength; an extensive commercial experience in Latin America and direct ties with the United States, we remain committed to high quality standards, bringing science to the community.


To be a commercially successful company in the introduction of innovative diagnostic products that help health professionals in the implementation of early therapeutic approaches for patients that allow saving lives, ranking among the fastest growing biotechnology companies by 2030 in LATAM and the United States.



Our portfolio is focused on the development of ELISA assays and other platforms, designed to provide diagnosis and prognosis of various diseases based on novel Biomarkers.


The discovery and development of antibodies has created intense interest in identifying prognostic markers and predictive markers.

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Our  Team

Luben Ron

Originally from Venezuela, graduated as Industrial Administrator, under the German/Venezuelan Professional Program (Industrie Kaufman) and after living in several Latin countries, set himself in Puerto Rico in 2013, holds a MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, (Heriot Watts University) counting with a Specialization in Marketing and a broad expertise in the implementation of clinical programs, global/regional marketing strategies and more than 10 successful commercial launches in the Pharma/Medical Devices industry in the past 2 decades.


After more than 25 years in the health industry, we can say he became an Expert in chronic therapies as Commercial Leader in companies like Novartis, Takeda & Baxter. Currently CEO and Cofounder of Omics Global Solutions.

Details of his trajectory:

Noemi Santiago PhD

Operations Head

Dr. Santiago is the Director of Product Development and Technical Operations at Omics, where she has led the development and technical transfer strategies for INNOVATIO ND2™ Dr. Santiago has experience in the full spectrum of drug development and commercialization.


Past roles include consulting on the design of innovation and compliance programs (Johnson & Johnson) and small business growth strategies. Her career encompasses over 25 years in executive positions in companies ranging from startups to global companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. For more than 20 years she held global positions in Johnson and Johnson where she led technical groups in key new product introductions in US, Latin America, Europe and Asia.  She holds a PhD in Immunology and Microbiology and has multiple publications, including book chapters and over nine patents in the areas of drug and vaccine delivery.

Details of her trajectory:

Horacio Serrano PhD

Scientific Director

Molecular Biology (PhD) with the rank of Professor at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) School of Medicine, where he developed and currently leads a clinical research laboratory in Proteomics. Broad experience in academic roles and project management. Focused on precision medical research with the use of biological systems and Bioinformatics.


With thirty-three years of experience in the areas of Microbiology, Environmental Health Sciences and biotechnology that he applies in the Omics sciences, he usually gets involved in holistic efforts that result in the well-being of the human being in harmony with the environment, valuing the biotic and abiotic components.


Details of his trajectory:




Puerto Rico Science and Technology Trust

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